Virtual Monkey Drama – Preschool - P2 (week 2 2021)

Hello everyone, welcome to week 2!


I hope you all enjoyed the Sunshine Fairy adventure last week. It certainly looked like you were having fun. I loved all you props and amazing to seeing you imaginations at work!


Welcome to those of you who are joining us for some adventures while we are online!

Okay all preschool - P2 people – The new adventure will be ready to go no Monday morning at 8am (18th Jan)

​So things you might need for next weeks adventure (please do not worry if you don’t have any of these things because we can still do everything without! This weeks adventure is called The Sunshine Fairy.

1. instrument

2. Magnfiying Glass/Or something to look through (toilet roll tube!)

3. Some Cushions/sheets/covers (comes in handy at various points!)

4. A little cup and a biscuit (for the Owl)

5. A tunnel (anything to crawl through or under)


1.Remember to have the props close to the screen or where you are doing the       adventure. You can pause the video as you go if you come up with any ideas of    props you could use. You will be amazed the things you have in your house!!!

2. If you have a smart tv, put the adventure on the tv for a bigger screen!

3. If you are having trouble with streaming the video, you can download it first so it doesn't rely on an internet connection.

​Video will be here on this page on Monday 18th Jan @ 8am and will stay on for a week. DO NOT TELL THE KIDS WHAT THE ADVENTURE IS!

All right reserved Monkey Drama 2013  

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