Welcome to the Virtual Monkey!

What is Virtual Monkey Drama? Its just like being at class, but you are doing the adventure in your own house! How exciting!!! Mum, dad, brothers, sisters and even the pets can join in!

When can i go on my adventure? You can go on your adventure anytime you like and as many times as you like! There will be a different adventure each week!

Will i need any props? You don't need any but each week i will tell you some things which you could use during our adventure!

Will there be any other activities to do!? Yes. I will get you to make or find props for your adventures. For example, I might ask you to make a snake for our adventure for another week! I will give you an idea of things you could use, like an old pair of tights, pens, paper, bottle lids for eyes etc...that way you can also keep guessing what adventure next week might be!

I will also throw in some other things for good measure and sharing and of photos of you in action would be great so i could then share it on the MD facebook page. Just like we do for our face to face classes!

You need to sign up to one of our great value plans to join in our weekly online drama sessions!



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