Virtual Monkey Drama – Week 19 P2 -P5

​Hello guys, I hope you enjoy this weeks adventure! Remember to completely go with your imagination, add in your own ideas and have fun!

You can pause when you like if you want to come up with your own ideas of what to do next or just throw yourself into it and have fun!

So things you might need for next weeks adventure (again, please do not worry if you don’t have any of these things because we can still do everything without!

The new adventure will be ready to go on Monday morning (27th July)]

1.    Animal mask if you have one

2.    Something to be a steering wheel

3.    A map or you could draw your own Zoo map

4.    Something to walk across (I use a balance beam, you could even use a line of cushions on the floor)

5.    Cushions or something to jump over for Crocodile enclosure

6.    A sheet to be water

7.    A tub or empty box and either lots of toy food or plastic balls (for hippo feeding time)

8.    A pillow case for mud and for being a kangaroo

Remember to have the props close to the screen or where you are doing the adventure. You can pause the video as you go if you come up with any ideas of props you could use. You will be amazed the things you have in your house!!!

The next adventure will be here Monday 27th July @ 8am. 

Extra Activities

1.   What Happened next?

2.   Create a zoo map

3.   Colouring sheets

4.   Zoo Coordinates

5.   Role Play masks

All right reserved Monkey Drama 2013  

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