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Virtual Monkey Drama – Week 6 P2 -P5

​Hello guys, I hope you enjoy this weeks adventure! Remember to completely go with your imagination!

You can pause when you like if you want to come up with your own ideas of what to do next or just throw yourself into it and have fun!

​So here are some things you might like to gather to use for your adventure… (really does not matter if you have none of these, we can do the adventure without them)

  1. A hat to be an explorer

  2. Binoculars (you can make them with two toilet roll tubes!)

  3. Something to pretend to take pictures with (real/pretend camera)

  4. a jar/bottle of honey!

  5. If you have anything that could be grass/water/mud such as sheets/cushions etc…that would also be great (again, not essential!)


Remember to have the props close to the screen or where you are doing the adventure. You can pause the video as you go if you come up with any ideas of props you could use. You will be amazed the things you have in your house!!!

The next adventure and extra video with a challenge will be here Monday 4th May @ 8am. 
















Follow on activities

  1. Bear Hunt Game (read the letter, then either hide all your teddies around the house for your family to find, or get someone else to hide them for you. You could extend the challenge by writing clues to leave with each teddy so your parent/sibling can try to find the next one!

  2. Build a bear cave! You can do it inside your house or out in your garden…why not have it as your own special den!

  3. There is an emergencythere is a dangerous bear on the loose, you have to come up with ideas of how to capture the bear safely. Do you have a Team of experts? Can you come up with a plan? Can you draw a map of the where you need to go to find the bear? Do you have a bear catching net!? What else can you come up with? You could even film this and make a little film. A great film making app for free is called Filmmaker, or you can do it on Movie Maker.

This channel is coming soon!
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