Virtual Monkey Drama – Wiggly Worm Adventure

Monkey Drama work deliver sessions every week for children with Additional Support Needs. The sessions are very engaging and the children respond well to the sessions. We use a variety of props to accompany our sessions and since we have had to go virtual and can no longer run our classes face to face we have been working on the best way to allow all our children to interact and enjoy the sessions!

We would like to offer this session free to see how the children enjoy the session. To the children who are familiar with Monkey Drama, they may just enjoy hearing the familiar voice or they may enjoy the props that help them feel part of the story, or the music and the fun entertainment!

PLEASE LET US KNOW HOW YOU GET ON AND SEND OVER ANY PHOTOGRAPHS. we love to see the children enjoying our sessions.

For those who are new to Monkey Drama, here are a selection of props you can gather from the house, which you can use at certain points throughout the video to enhance the sensory experience and enjoyment.

For example, depening on your childs needs. If your child is not mobile, you could let them feel and smell the cheese when its time to feed the mouse, or make a wiggly worm to let them hold, or to dance with the sock on your hand for kids to see and enjoy. Or if your child is visually impaired, you could wiggle your fingers over them like a worm, help them use their hands to dig the mud (which might be playdoh, a duvet cover or real mud in a tub...)

​So here are some things you might like to gather to use for your adventure… (really does not matter if you have none of these, we can do the adventure without them)

  1. A hat to be an explorer

  2. Binoculars (you can make them with two toilet roll tubes!)

  3. Something to pretend to take pictures with (real/pretend camera)

  4. a jar/bottle of honey!

  5. If you have anything that could be grass/water/mud such as sheets/cushions etc…that would also be great (again, not essential!)


Remember to have the props close to the screen or where you are doing the adventure. You can pause the video as you go if you come up with any ideas of props you could use. You will be amazed the things you have in your house!!!

We hope you all enjoy it. the whole family can get involved!
















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