Welcome to Virtual Monkey Drama. We have been running our classes virtually throughout lockdown and have been looking at how we can make our virtual classes more accessible for our children with additional support needs, particularly as many of the children we work with each week have complex physical and health needs. We would usually use a lot of props and closer interaction to give a more sensory and personal experience. We really miss our classes face to face and really miss seeing all the children!

We thought you might like to try out one of our virtual adventures and we think the kids will love it even just listening to the sounds and entertainment! I have a list below of some props you can use to help make the session more personal for the children. You can use them when required during the session and press pause as much as you like! 

For example, this is the Wiggly Worm adventure. You might like to put a sock on your hand and use it to wiggle over your child, or you might like to make a worm on a thread and let your child explore it themselves.

Another example is when we go through the tunnel. If your child is not mobile, you could go under a cover with them and pretend you are going through the underground tunnel. You could use a torch and turn the lights off!?

When we say, lets run and if your child is not able to run or finds it difficult, you could run on the spot while holding their hands. Or if your child uses a wheelchair, the might enjoy a little run around the room in it! 

When digging through the mud, you could gather some real mud in a tub and help your child to feel their hands through or you could have some squidgy play doh to feel!

​So things you might need for this weeks adventure (again, please do not worry if you don’t have any of these things because we can still do everything without!

  1. A sock to be the worm on your hand or…you can make a wiggly worm on a string/long piece of thread…easy to make. If you have a pipe cleaner, you could attach it to a long piece of string, or roll up toilet paper like a sausge, selloptape around it to hold it together and tie a long piece of string to the end and draw some eyes on. or you may have some stretch string worms!

  2. A little plate of little bits of cheese, or crunched up yellow paper, or little bits of yellow sponge to be cheese (this is to feed the mouse...your child might like to taste, feel, eat the cheese or pretend to give it to the mouse on the screen!)

  3. Draw some lines on a sheet of paper to be an underground map.

  4. A carrot (or another veg if you’ve no carrots for the rabbit!)

  5. Magnifying glass or something to look through (enjoy playing around with the magnifying glass when we are looking for worms!)

  6. Something to be your mud and underground ( a big sheet, bedding etc)

  7. A tunnel (could be chairs, a play tunnel…anything to crawl through or a bed she to go under!

Its a great idea to link the adventure up to your TV if you have a smart TV or on a laptop screen. or you mght want to sit it on a table next to your child!




Remember to have the props close to the screen or where you are doing the adventure. You can pause the video as you go if you come up with any ideas of props you could use. You will be amazed the things you have in your house!!!


WE WOULD ALSO LOVE TO SEE YOUR PHOTOS!!! we love seeing the children enjoying the sessions and sharing them on our social media and website just like we do in a face to face class! 

WANT TO SEE MORE? If your child enjoyed it, please let us know!

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